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Last Update on September 20th 2023 By TPS

Tattoo Machines (Gun)

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A Tattoo machine is an important purchase for anyone in the tattoo industry or looking to start out. The variety of sizes and styles makes it possible to find the perfect fit for your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a gun for lining, shading, or a combination of both, their is a type of gun for you offering great precision and control to create the perfect tattoo.


If you're serious about getting into tattoo art, choosing the right tattoo machine is a major decision. Whether as a tattoo beginner you want to practice tattooing or stock up a tattoo parlor, buying a tattoo machine is a significant step. Let's guide you through the process of finding the perfect one. Before purchasing a tattoo machine, it's important to know what materials make a good one.


Tattoo machines need to be made of strong, high-quality metal to ensure they won't break while you're working on a tattoo. Traditionally, tattoo machines are made of materials like iron, brass, or copper, which conduct electricity effectively. Look for a tattoo machine made of these durable metals to ensure you're getting a top-notch device. Another crucial aspect to consider is the type of tattoo machine to buy. Some guns are specifically made for lining or shading tattoos. You might find sets that include both types of guns at an affordable price. However, there are also machines designed to handle both lining and shading, but these are more advanced and usually cost more. They require careful tuning to switch between tasks, so they are best suited for experienced tattoo artists.


If you're a tattoo beginner and new to tattooing, consider purchasing a tattoo machine as part of a kit. These kits are widely available and perfect for tattoo beginners who are just starting out. Some kits include both a lining machine and a shading machine, along with a variety of other essential supplies. It's a convenient way to get everything you need as a tattoo beginner beginning your tattooing journey in one go.

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